jerome arul

makes (almost) anything

pancakes ex machina

joao did a great job documenting the week.

alayah wanted to build a pancake machine
i wanted to do something with circles
polar coordinate systems

extrude pancake batter
i gots the hot plate

sketch - polar extruder arm

picked up the extra 80/20 extrusions from CBA
1x3 slots, each stick is 200cm long

cut the extrusion

cut extrusion on horizontal bandsaw

more friendly lengths

lay it out / cut it out

making plates - jumpshear


finger brake

drill out / assemble

punch holes, assemble team

the structure emerges

incredible stuff by the rest of the team:

chi li's polargraph in grasshopper

jakin's draw to xy coordinates

selin and chi li's peristaltic pump!

peristaltic pump with idler wheels

pump it up

alayah and kevin's late night

last test

who's hungry

great job team!