jerome arul

makes (almost) anything

OMAX waterjet

let's make some octet nodes from aluminum plates

i gots a .dxf file
just need some 1/8" thk plate
jen had some scrap aluminum at archshops

tried loading straight to the OMAX
but it wanted to offset / cut on the wrong side of the line
the software adds automatic lead-in

i forgot to JOIN the lines in Illustrator.
jen helped me fix in Rhino:
• SelClosedCrv
• Join
• SelClosedCrv > No objects added to selection

the secret sauce

OMAX layout

clean up


• clean-up in OMAX layout
• use shim to ZERO Z


add the rubber nozzle cover

pump in water

• water needs a couple minutes to chill
• weigh down material
• submerge plate > pumping in water might lift plate
• keep refilling garnet





the octet emerges

full circle (see vinyl week)

pew pew!