How To Grow (almost) Anything
MAS.S66 2019, Thursdays 2:30-5:30 E15-359

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Class Gitlab Repo
Path to 'git clone' repo:
Command Line Setup
Git/Gitlab Basics, Git Intro & Tutorials
How to Git (fab class command line tips pre-gitlab)

Lecture Slides


Dr. David Sun Kong, Professor Joe Jacobson, Professor George Church

Teja Jammalamadaka, Pranam Chatterjee, Noah Jakimo

Fridays 12-1pm in 68-089 (but check weekly schedule for any changes)

80% (weekly assignments and class participation) + 20% (group final project)
Group final projects will be worked on in groups with 10 minute presentations each week.

Safety Training:
Start of recitation (noon) on 2/15


2/7 Course Overview, Principles & Practices
Lecturers: David Kong (MIT), George Church (Harvard), Megan Palmer (Stanford), Neil Gershenfeld

2/14 Bio Design
Lecturer: George Church (Harvard)

2/21 Hardware
Lecturer: David Kong (MIT), Kristin Ellis (Opentrons), and Julie Legault (Amino) and Justin Pahara (Amino)

2/28 Next Generation Synthesis
Lecturer: Noah Jakimo (MIT) and Joe Jacobson (MIT)

3/7 Bio Production
Lecturer: Patrick Boyle (Ginkgo Bioworks)

3/14 Protein Design
Lecturer: Shuguang Zhang (MIT) and Thras Karydis (DeepCure)

3/21 Engineering the Gut Microbiome
Lecturer: David Kong (MIT) and Vijay Yajnik (Takeda)

3/28 Spring Break

4/4 Synthetic Minimal Cells
Lecturer: Kate Adamala (University of Minnesota)

4/11 3D Bio Printing & Biofabrication
Lecturer: Nina Tandon (EpiBone) and Filippos Tourlomousis (MIT)

4/18 Principles of Measurement & Imaging
Lecturer: Evan Daugharty (ReadCoor), Paul Reginato (MIT)

4/25 DNA Nanostructures
Lecturer: William Shih (Harvard)

5/2 Genome Engineering
Lecturer: John Glass (J. Craig Venter Institute), George Church (Harvard)

5/9 Gene Drives
Lecturer: Kevin Esvelt (MIT) and John Min (Harvard)

5/16 Final Presentations