PCB Design, Fabrication, & Assembly


The goal of this assignment was to fabricate (mill) and assemble (stuff) a PCB. A PCB or printed circuit board is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, tracks or signal traces etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. This is something I've never done - thank you to the TAs and classmates for their help. More photos: Flickr Set

I had the good fortune of debugging my board in the High/Low Tech group where I learned about soft circuits and the amazing resource How To Get What You Want. This gives me hope for my final project. Other Final Project related links - Final Project Preparation.


At Long Last

A working FABisp or SEDisp in this case.





In this case we were given a PCB design and used a Modela or David Carr's Mantis milling machine to trace the design onto a copper sheet. We were helped along by CAMIT.

P1160766Final PCB
David Carr in action PCB - 2" x 1"
Milling Modela
$100 Mantis Milling Machine The Modela
Tiny Bit
Joint Size Testing Mantis at work
Milling Interface
Mantis Interface Mantis Interface



Was more difficult than expected. I'd never soldered anything so tiny.

Soldering IronStuffed
Weller soldering irons Stuffed
Stuffed Stuffed
Stuffed Stuffed
Testing Etched Board
Testing Etched Board



Given PCB Design


Give Layout

PNG of PCB to Mill

PNG File to Cut