josh ingram

mas.863 how to make

card-board trees

when the project to make a press fit construction kit was assigned i thought about what would make a great project.

i settled on an idea to create a tree. i had written processing algorithms several years ago and i thought i would revisit the idea.

There were several lessons learned in the process.


  • never underestimate the amount of time it will take to repeat a recursive algorithm by hand.


  • make sure to think about the material properties before designing the project.
  • the card board presented several limitations i didn't anticipate.
    • the card-board box that were supplied were creased (where they were folded)
    • the card-board corrugation direction plays a big role in the structural integrity of the product


  • book time on the laser cutters way in advance or you the only slot you will get in sunday morning at 6am



constructing model in catia (rollover)

cutting leaves, after finding correct tolerance for joints

removing pieces from finshed sheets

tree assembly. slow and steady (rollover)

joint detail 1

joint detail 2

final product