josh ingram

mas.863 how to make

stone robots

casting process is a precision process that takes time and practice. both of which i was not able to acquire in a week. my experience resulted in a dozen stone robots, some better than others. here are a few pointers on casting that i've picked up this week.

  • milling
    • make sure that all radii are at least as big as the tool radius.
    • make sure that when there a narrow pathways, check your tool paths to make sure they properly remove the excess material.


  • wax casting
    • create alignment points. I used spheres, they may not be the best. using a cylinder may work better (same shape of the tool)
    • vibration is your friend, the more you vibrate the better.
    • use an agent with a longer cure time so you have the maximum amount of time for deairing


  • silicon casting
    • make sure the sprue is large enough to get the material in easily
    • make sure that there are vents, at least one but the more the better.