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This was a tough week. I spend the first half of the week stuck at home recovering from ankle surgery. 7 Days with your head above your heart for 80% of the time sounds. About day three you start seeing things. days four and five, you are fight invisible pirates. day six you contemplate whether you actually exist. and day seven is like you have been reborn... with a giant club for a leg.

anyway, i worked frantically to get something done for this week. I decided to explore i2c a little more.

I created a lcd screen that uses attiny44 to send text commands to the screen and act as a slave device. I used the master i created a few weeks ago to communicate with the computer via serial and send messages to the lcd via i2c. It looks great but doesn't work. I spent quite a bit of time debugging plus tried 2 different twi libraries. One i had used before with a atttiny45 and one Brian gave me. since neither worked i concluded that it is a hardware though i wasn't able to find the problem.

so i moved on to building my joshm's to be more robust. they also use i2c and they work wonderfully. there is a video of them running. I want to build 100's of them, but for now 2 will suffice.