Final Project: iPerfume

iPerfume: an attachment for iPhone that sprays perfume
WiFi Accessible perfume spray gadget

    what will it do?
    iPerfume is a friendly web interface to manage three smells (perfumes). The release of the smell is triggered by a set of conditions set by the user such as motion, time, or any other supported events
    who's done what beforehand?
    I used a atmege328 + ardiuno to setup a simple web-server over WiFi in project 12
    what materials and components will be required?
    Acrylic 1/4"
    3 servos (CS-939MG)
    Atmege328 + circuit components
    power supply
    WiFi module
    motion sensor
    3 perfume bottles
    where will they come from?
    All the needed material is available in the inventory with the exception of the perfume bottles, WiFi module, and the motion sensor
    how much will it cost?
    3 Perfume bottles: $2
    WiFi module:$50 (I have my own)
    motion sensor: $10
    9v power supply: $10 (available in the lab)
    The rest of the components are supplied from the lab: $20 (estimated)
    what parts and systems will be made?
    The gadget container and the circuit board
    what processes will be used?
    Lasercutting, Milling, board stuffing, and programming
    what tasks need to be completed?
    Designing and building the container with the internal support, Designing and milling the circuit board, and programing the atmega328
    what questions need to be answered?
    How realiable is the wifi module
    what is the schedule?
    Monday - Wednesday: Design and build the container, Thrusday: build and program the circuit, Friday: testing
    how will it be evaluated?
    On the besis of functionality and the overall design

    Initial Idea: perfume attachment to iPhone

    For two reasons: phone compatibility and development issues, I decided to change the implementation of the project to be independent instead of being an attachment

    An assortment of perfume atomizer bottles (factors: size, capacity, spraying efficiency

    Servo testing

    Servo testing

    Gadget container design in CorelDRAW

    Laser Cutter - Acrylic 1/4"

    drilling holes for the mounting screws

    Socket Cap Hex Screws

    Cleaning the plates

    Assembly 1

    Assembly 2

    Assembly 3

    Second Step: testing the wifi server functionality