Electronics Production

Designing and testing a TX and RX circuits at 46 kHz

    For my project, I wanted to add the ability to wirelessly transmit and receive data between two boards running ATMega328.

    Transmitter circuit


    This is the RLC circuit with resonance frequency ~ 46 kHz

    Finding the resonance frequency

    Testing different op amps

    om amp graph for gain over frequency

    The receiver circuit

    Breadboard testing

    (1) Testing the receiver: no signal is being transmitted and thus nothing shows up on the oscilloscope

    (2) Testing the receiver: a signal is being transmitted from the function generatator at 46 kHz

    Close up look at the oscilloscope for the receiver

    This is the Arduino pro board with ATMega328. I'll modify it and make a space for the RLC circuit and op amp.