Andrew Manto


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Week 14 Final Project

WEEK 12 // Interface and Application Programming

For this project, I tried to upload a "song" to the Hello Arudino board. A sample of this project is here.

I started out by making a new fabisp programming, since mine was fried by a fellow classmate. I've liked having my own programming becasue there always seems to be a very long line to use the single AVR programming in the arch shop. I felt pretty confident milling and stuffing this board, and everything checked out alright until i tried to program the fuses. No matter what I tried, I could not get this to work. After many frustrating hours, I decided to give up and focus my energy on my arduino board. Also, I'm so tired, I forgot to cut out the board...just want to go to bed.

Next, I milled out my Hello Arduino board, which, again, was pretty straight forward. Stuffing it went ok, and I was following the tutorial on the FabAcademy website, but this is where things turned into a complete mess.

I don't even really know what to write for these photos. I was next to impossible to get the fuses set, and I was never able to get the bootloader burned, despite my classmate being able to get it to work at the same time. Its frustrating to put so much time and get nothing out. That's where I ended this week.