Week 1: Computer Controlled Cutting

My computer broke this week :(. (I dropped my computer this week)

Along with a new computer yesterday came a last minute scramble to do some computer-controlled cutting. Having learned to be more responsible with my belongings, I decided to make a case of sorts out of cardboard to protect my new computer. I drew up the layout in antimony and tweaked some things in CorelDRAW. It kind of looks like a pizza box, but even less impressive!

Things I would change for next time: start earlier (spiral time management model seems really nice right about now); for where I'm at, the benefits of global, node-based adjustment in antimony didn't prove useful so I would use a simpler software for 2D modeling like Inkscape or InDesign; the press fit joint should have been about 10% smaller to compress the cardboard and retain the fit. All in all, I'm eager to try again.


Laser cutting, redux: In the weeks since this little disaster, I have found my footing with 2D design and laser cutting. Here is one example of a basic cardboard box containing the electronics for a heartrate sensor/speaker combo: