Week 5: Electronics Design

This week we were to draw and make a simple circuit board. Using Eagle PBC design software, I produced the schematics for the simple "hello world" board below.

so nice & clean w/ labels!

For some reason, not all the connections between components would appear when I switched to the board editor. I tried changing the schematic from netting out the whole dang thing to connecting the components with labels and that seemed to fix the bug. I'm still not sure why that happened. If I had to guess I would say that any time I accidentally moved a connection in the schematic, Eagle would lose track of that connection in the board representation.

After a good old, humbling routing session, I ended up with the above png to use in fabmodules for milling.

From here, all of the techniques were the same from week 2. Milling and soldering went pretty smoothly, and I ended up with my cute little hello world board below.