How to Make (almost) Anything

Fall 2017, Erin Genia,

Art, Culture and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About Me

Anpa O Wicahnpi

Anpa O Wicahnpi, or Morningstar, is a geometric pattern that visually describes a Dakota philosophy. In my work as a student and practitioner of Dakota art, I have seen traditional Morningstar designs on blankets, quillwork, beadwork, powwow regalia and painted on drums, old buffalo robes and many other items. The design has changed over time in response to the materials and methods being used to depict it. It is versatile as both a 2D graphic and in three dimensions, and is imbued with meaning. These factors make it great subject matter for the work I will do in this class. I will utilize each week's lesson to explore the Morningstar concept and form in various states. My final project will be a culmination of each week's lesson, resulting in a multi-color light projection unit in the shape of a Morningstar.