How to make something that makes almost anything - 2012
Yoav sterman
The Multi Processes Lathe - 3D copy machine
Ouija board

The Ouija board is 2D gantry I designed for the “sleep no more” project. It was done in collaboration with Eyal Shahar from opera of the future group. The idea is that the gantry will move a magnet and it will be placed under the table with an Ouija board on top, so that it will seem that the rock on the Ouija board is moving by itself, and writing words by going over letters. Eyal asked my help, and I was happy to test some of the ideas I had for building the lathe. The Ouija board was very helpful. I developed one of my snap-fits when working on it, and also learned a lot about timing belts. The design wasn’t perfect at first shot and we had to do some hardware debugging but finally it worked perfectly and now it is part of the sleep no more show in NY.
Here are some pictures and videos of the project:

Project goals
The evolution of the machine design
Snap–fits development