How to make something that makes almost anything - 2012
Yoav sterman
The Multi Processes Lathe - 3D copy machine
The evolution of the machine design

In designing the machine, I took two parallel paths that Intersected in the final design of the lathe. The first path was a standard rectangle like and robust shape with horizontal shafts on the top side. The second path was a flat and thin design with all the shafts on the same plane but allowing movement in perpendicular directions. I had a lot of debate with myself if I should place the z-axis on the printer head itself or within the machine design. Should I lift the object that being printed (or milled) or the whole x-axis. Finally I decided to keep the rotating axis fixed and lift the x-axis with the moving head.

Here are some images from the processes:
"Flat" design revisions:
Revision 1
Revision 2
Revision 4
Revision 4- printing head
Revision 7
Revision 7 - back view
"Standard" design revisions:
Revision 2
Revision 2
Revision 4
Revision 4- back view
Revision 5
Revision 5 - back view
Unified design revisions:
Revision 8
Revision 8

Final Revision
Final Revision - back view Extruder heads:

Extruder head with a z-axis control
Double extruder head with dual z-axis control

Project goals
Ouija board
Snap–fits development