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Thin Film Microphone

I decided to explore a final project that is closer to my TMG research topic. At TMG I have been exploring how to embed piezoelectrics in thin sheets (paper, mylar, PET film) turning them into vibro-acoustic surfaces that have the capability to act like a vibration sensor, microphone and even ultrasonic imaging device.

Based on this idea as my final project I want to create a thin film that can be a bidrectional vibration input/output device. A material that has the capability to 'hear' and 'speak'.

I want my final device to be simply a piece of sheet material, either paper or thin film that can be used to record and playback audio (sheet input and output). Ideally even the electronics should be embedded into the material (directly having the electronics glued to paper with circuit printed).

The final interaction of my project will be to have two pieces of sheet material (ideally paper), one as an acoustic sensor and one as an acoustic speaker. You speak into one and your voice can be heard into the other. For this I have split my project in multiple components.

Use the links above to navigate through in depth documentation of the project.

Making Of

Demo Video

Access project files here:Thin Film Microphone Source Files

Project Components

Thin film microphones embedded in stand, to read more about the making of go to sensor page,stand and enclosure page.

Analog and digital board for signal conditioning, to learn more go to programming page,electronics page and interface page.

Project Answers