Surviving Neil Gershenfeld's infamous

How to Make (Almost) Anything

Latest Weekly Projects

Week 13

Waterjet-Cut Bathroom Key

Week 12

NES Controller

Week 11

Wifi SD Card

Latest Final Project Milestones

Milestone 4

Full-Size 16x16 DSLR Image Sensor + Software

Milestone 5

Full-Size DSLR Motherboard with Peripherals

Milestone 6

Full-Size 3D Printed Frame & Cardboard Enclosure

About Me

Gokyo Peak in Nepal on an early morning hike

Hi, I'm Cedric!

I am a Design Engineering student at Harvard University and will graduate in 2023. I love building stuff, whether for profit or for fun! Before coming to Harvard, I co-founded a diagnostics startup, and so far, groundbreaking biomedical products are still where my heart belongs. However, I have also grown a deep passion for astronomy and aerospace engineering, which you might see in my final project. Please, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or want to work on a project together. I would love to help!