How to make something that makes almost anything - 2012
Yoav sterman
The Multi Processes Lathe - 3D copy machine

The multi Processes Lathe is the continuation of my project from the “How to make anything” class – the “Additive Lathe”. The additive lathe is a 3D printer that prints on rotation objects. After doing this project I realized the potential in combining the three digital fabrication processes: additive, subtractive and 3D scanning, in one machine and in one approach. The multi processes lathe is the beginning of this exploration.

The application that I worked on for the presentation of “How to make something” class is 3D copy machine. The Idea is that you can replicate an object by scanning it with the lathe and then the machine will mill the exact same object. There is no need for CAD software, the process is very simple and automatic. The (processing) program “records” the coordantes of the scan and then repeats the exact same coordinate after replacing the scanning bit with a milling bit.

Project goals
The evolution of the machine design
Ouija board
Snap–fits development