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Embedded Programming

Step 1: Modification of the circuit in Eagle

I modified the posted board design to add a switch and LED light. Thanks to Adam Setapan for his tutorial


Step 2: Milling & stuffing

I milled the board on the Modela desktop mill. The cut-out step did not go all the way through on part of it so the plastic broke in an odd way when I popped it out. Board was still intact.


Stuffing it was fine. One problem was that I had placed the LED in the incorrect orientation, and when I desoldered it, I accidentally pulled the copper off the pad. I added a bunch of solder, and set the LED at a slight angle so this wasn't a problem.


Step 3: Programming

I was able to get the board programmed with the 'blink' test program from Arduino.

blinky blinkpg

However I was not able to get subsequent programs to load onto the chip. Initially the file I downloaded (hello.echo) was missing the 'program-attiny-fuses' line. After downloading another (correct) version of the code, I was unable to perform this command, and received the error "Error: Could not find USBtiny device." Alan suggested a wiring problem, but switching to the commercial programmer and rechecking the cable connections did not solve this issue.

Brian Mayton then pointed out that attiny is not going to work with the commercial programmer as that is referring to the FabISP we made a few weeks ago. Using 'program-avrisp2-fuses' worked, and the board programmed correctly with the 'echo' program.

With much help from TAs and classmates, I was successfully able to load a program to blink the LED in a particular sequence when the button is pressed (Morse code Victory!). Thanks all!