Project Development

For my final project, i would like to animate some of the creatures that I created in my Programing Nature class. The idea is to have 3 species in a beaker, and have each one respond differently when someone approaches them.

The butterfly like creature, the wings will flap.

The Jelly fish like creature it will change color and moves its tentacles.

The seahorse will grow.


All the species are created in rhino using rhino-python. The code is based in recursion


Then I began to think, how would I make the creatures to behave in a organic way. I began to think in ways to make mold to cast silicon in them.


I intend to use shape memory allow for the wings, thus me trying to create very thin films of silicone.

Movie on 12-7-12 at 5.43 PM from Guillermo Bernal on Vimeo.

Movie on 12-8-12 at 8.33 PM from Guillermo Bernal on Vimeo.


Jelly fish mold