for this week I continued to work on the artificial jelly fish. One of the ideas was to have a JellyFish that will communicate to you via color LEDs.

In eagle a created a few boards for the different parts of the project.

1.A circular board will have an array of 8 RGB LEDs and 8 resistors. The layout is a multiplex one.

2. A rectangular board controls the two 3.3V and regulates the voltage

3. The smaller board will send a signal to the MOSFET(due to time, this was not used)

Milling the boards


The new mold are made of PlatSil 73-25 RTV silicone.

This resulted in an 8 part mold


The initial idea was to put the two DC vibration motors inside of a Plexiglas box, however this created a non organic noise

I then decided to put the motors inside of a surgical hose and this solve the problem

Now all the electronics are inside.

I will highly suggest to ALWAYS use mold release, I forgot to do that and I almost couldn't get the casted part out of the mold

The second mold was all 3d printed, and the silicone used was SORTA CLEAR by smooth on

click at the arduino image to get the code


jelly2 from Guillermo Bernal on Vimeo.

jelly1mov from Guillermo Bernal on Vimeo.