Caroline Jaffe learns


Project documentation for MAS.863, Fall 2015

Hi, I'm Caroline! I'm currently an S.M. candidate and graduate research assistant in Sep Kamvar's Social Computing group at the MIT Media Lab, where I work on software and hardware to support scalable and replicable social processes that impact urban environments. Feel free to get in touch by or check my personal site.

Bubble Machine

Week 0: Computer-Aided Design


Week 1: Computer-Controlled Cutting

FabISP In-Circuit Programmer

Week 2: Electronics Production

Small Plastic Objects...and More!

Week 3: 3D Scanning and Printing

Hanging Nest aka MAKE SOMETHING BIG!

Week 4: Computer-Controlled Machining

Hello World!

Week 5: Electronics Design

Bicycle Paper Weight

Week 6: Molding and Casting


Week 7: Embedded Programming

DIY Ecototem

Week 9: Input Devices

Where's My Train?

Week 10: Interface and Application Programming

Arm Team and More!

Individual "Machines That Make" Work

Marble Madness


Cake Licking Machine

Group Project: Machines That Make

The Operation Game

Bonus: Fab-o-ween Costume