Julia Makes Things

Let's see what happens when a programmer makes real things.

Week 14:  Composites

Assignment: Design and fabricate a 3D mold and produce a fiber composite part in it, with resin infusion and compaction.

Week 13:  Networking and Communications

Assignment: Design and build a wired and/or wireless network connecting at least two processors.

Week 12:  Interface and Application Programming

Assignment: Write an application that interfaces with an input and/or output device that you made, comparing as many tool options as possible.

Week 11:  Input Devices

Assignment: Measure something: add a sensor to a microcontroller board that you have designed and read it

Week 10:  Machine Design

Assignment: Plan and make a machine

Week 9:  Output Devices

Assignment: Add an output device to a microcontroller board you’ve designed and program it to do something.

Week 8:  Molding and Casting

Assignment: Design a 3D mold around the stock and tooling that you’ll be using, machine it, and use it to cast parts

Week 7:  Embedded Programming

Assignment: Read a microcontroller data sheet and program your board to do something.

Week 6:  Make Something Big

Assignment: Make something big (out of wood, using computer-controlled machining).

Week 5:  Electronics Design

Assignment: Redraw the echo hello-world board, add a button and LED, make it, and test it.

Week 4:  3D Printing and Scanning

Assignment: Design and print an object that could not be made subtractively. 3D scan an object (and optionally print it).

Week 3:  First Circuit Board

Assignment: Make an in-circuit programmer by milling the PCB.

Week 2:  Website

Assignment: Build a personal website in the class archive describing you and your final project.

Week 2:  Spice Rack

I had fun with the laser cutter, so I’m making more things.

Week 2:  Lasers and Tiny Knives

Assignment: Create a laser cut parametric press-fit construction kit, and use the vinyl cutter to make something.

Week 1:  Computer-aided Design

Assignment: Model a possible final project