Richard Liu

About Richard Liu

Richard Liu is a second-year graduate student in Jenny Hoffman's group, at Physics department, Harvard University.

My research mainly focuses on studying strongly correlated or topological materials with scanning tunnelling microscope. Most of time, our measurements are conducted at extremely low vibration background and liquid helium temperature (~4K, or -269 ℃) or a little below that.

In my spare time, I like playing with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I also own a DJI mini-drone, which is the DJI Spark model. I was suprized by the size of Spark and its gimbal when I first saw it. The performance of that drone gimbal is also amazing.

The reason I'd like to take this course is that despite that I have a strong interest in digital fabrication and control, I found it's difficult to learn them by myself. Therefore, I decide to learn digital fabrication systematically, together with other people.