This page shows the progress of Richard Liu's final project for the class of "How to make almost anything", 2017.

In my final project, I'm planning to make a three-axis gimbal for my iPhone. Currently, I'd like to make sure that my gimbal will be able to have following functions:

  1. Stabilizing my phone when walking or running
  2. Conversion between stick-mounted and bag-mounted
  3. Heating my phone to make it warm in the winter
  4. Light-weight and quick assembling and disassembling
  5. Auto tracking a people/object
  6. To be continued ...


Designing of the Frame

This is the final version for the frame of my gimbal. Basicaly, it will be cut by laser cutter, and assembled in a press-fit manner. Detailed design process is summarized in this link.

The whole frame will be cut out from 3.5 mm Grade 5 Titanium (the hardest titanium alloy).

This is a model I cut with laser cutter, with two motors installed:

This is my parts cut out of titanium by laser cutter, waiting to be sent to me:

Designing of the Electronics

Here is the basic control schemes for the gimbal and heater:

  1. One ATMega328p MCU for overall PID controlling of motors and heater, controlling of LCD display, and control of the main menu.
  2. Three ATTiny44A and three DRV8313 BLDC motor drivers to control motors precisely, and communicate with the 328p.