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How To Make Almost Anything

MAS.863 - Fall 2005


My name is Shaundra "Shani" Daily.  I am a first year PhD student at the Media Laboratory. I earned my Bachelorís in Electrical Engineering from the Florida State University where I worked to develop algorithms for predicting the possibility of student success in entry-level electrical engineering courses to determine eligibility for peer assisted learning courses. I was also Director of Technical OutReach Community Help (TORCH) program geared towards bridging the digital divide.  My main research interests include the design and evaluation of interfaces designed to support affective development through writing, constructing, and other forms of expression as well as technologically supported community and economic development. I have no experience in fabrication, but I am really looking forward to this class. The following is a week-by-week description of the ups and downs of my experiences in How To Make (Almost) Anything.


WEEK 1 - 3D Modeling

This week's assignment was to render and animate our ideas for final projects in Blender. I had no problems downloading and installing blender, but because of my lack of expertise in 3D modeling, the program was a little tough getting used to...(MORE)



Week 2 - Adventures with the Laser Cutter

Inventing a cardboard construction kit using the laser cutter was the task we were charged with for this week... (MORE)



Week 3 - Waterjet

Our task this week was to create something in 3D using the waterjet cutter... (MORE)





Week 4 - PCB Fabrication

PCB fabrication and board stuffing was our assignment this week.  Click here to see my Hello Board. (MORE)





Week 5 -Microcontroller Programming

This week, we extended the ideas from the hello world board to be able to recieve and transmit data... (MORE)

How to Measure (Almost) Anything


Week 6 - Sensors and Instrumentation.

This week, we worked together as a group to make a device that can measure almost anything...(MORE)




Week 7 - 3D printing and scanning

This week we found an object to laser scan and..(MORE)




Week 8 - Output Devices

This week we had 4 output devices to choose from to build a simple game...(MORE)




Week 9 - Molding and Forming

This designed a simple mold and used the...(MORE)




Week 10 - Communications and Networking

This week we modified the Internet 0 board to utilize wireless communication...(MORE)




Ongoing Final Project Ideas

Here I have my running thoughts on what my final project may be.. (MORE)


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