How To Build Almost Anything

Laurel S. Pardue

Mas 863 Fall 2009


First Fun! Final project model:

Hurdy-Gurdys in Space

Adventure Two- Laser-cut Press Fit Kit:

Charred Pieces of Wood

Part Three- PCB Design, Fabrication & Assembly:

Hello Pcb Fab

Part Four- Something Big:

Smashing Glass

Part Five- PCB Design, Fabrication & Assembly:

Blinky LEDs

Part Six- 3D Scanning & Printing:

Do Not Duplicate

Part Seven- Input:

FSR MIDI Contoller- aka Drum Pad.

Action Eight- Molding & Casting:


Project Nine- Output Devices:

Delusions of GrandEur

Part Ten- Composites:

Execution of Simplicity

Final Project Proposal- :

Enhancements on Existing CNC Design

The excitement to Continues!