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What are you going to make?

3D modeled and printed "fabric" integrated with a soft circuit that when stretched produces light.

Update: the 3D printed fabric is not stretchy. I am going to scale the 3D prints to a jewelry scale and see if I can network earrings, bracelets, and a necklace made of the 3D printed fabric. I'm also going to see if I can produce a dress that uses a soft circuit that lights up when you move. I'm hoping that this week clarifies the potential of networking (or rather my networking skills) and I can refine the project based on the success of this week.


What will it do?

It will produce an interactive fabric surface.

Update: Interactive/networked jewelry and dress


How will you make it?

I will 3D print the modeled fabric and then use the programmable sewing machine to stitch copper thread through the 3D print to create an integrated soft circuit.

Update: Some combination of the above methods.


What are the materials, components, and systems?

3D printed resin, copper wire, led lights, batteries?

Update: fabric


What questions will need to be resolved?

I'd like to talk to someone about building soft circuits and the feasabililty of using a programmable sewing machine to stitch around an existing framework.

Update: I still need to do this.


What is the schedule?

Oct 18-Nov 1 Develop final fabric design, prototype soft circuit

Nov 1- Nov 15 Attempt to integrate 3D print with soft circuit via programmable sewing machine

Nov 15 - Nov 29 Adjust and reprotogype small piece of the final fabic

Nov 29 - Dec 13 Final project production


What is the budget?

I'm unsure of the budget. I'd like to confirm the cost of 3D printing at MIT and then determine the scale of the project based on how much additional funding I can provide

Update: I am working with Tom to figure out how to price the 3D prints and create a scale that is reasonable.



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