Computational Tiles



Circuit is desigend which act as a computational unit. Each of this unit have a microprocessor and can communicate with near by units.


Its application is on using computation as required. According to computation needs more and more units can be attached.


In this assignement, I have built the circuit and tested the communication.


The circuit designed in a such a way that any microcontroller can communicate with any microcontroller in the network. But since the units share pins localized affects can also be implimented in the software such as "the unit will be become active depending upon the activities of neighbour units". The unit also share MOSI , MISO and SCK pin enabling one microcontroller to program other uC according to requirment. I tried to implimant this (basically making a fabISB with some functionality to selet which board to program, choice on program to select etc.



Further development is planned to be developing algorithm for distributed computing. On "the go programing" of the computational unit.


Due to unavailability of proper connectors in the board, I had to solder them.





Project Update


Update on DigitalBot project


1) Above tiles will be used in the "DigitalBots" the difference will be only in distribution of work rather than computation.


2) Wireless module is already been tested.


3) Stepper motor driver works but sometime causes uC to reset.


4) To Do - mechanical design (wheels, housing for motor, battery and circuit board).


Below is the updated pick of STM project.