Week 14: Machine Building

assignment: automate your machine, document the group project and your individual contribution

what we made: cardboard press-fit three-axis machine

Group project for the first time in this course

I went to the Thursday 4pm session at the cba shop at MIT. We divided tasks and I was on the team for software. The software for our machine was pretty straightforward as it involved uploading some template code onto a board that took most of the class to mill out. I went around to take pictures of the many other aspects of the project happening concurrently, the most notable of which was the assembly of the laser-cut cardboard stages.

board layout
milling boards
finished traces
finished traces

My contribution to the project, as mentioned before, was on the software side. I went through the sample code provided on the MTM website and did what I could to make sense of it in order to prepare it for uploading onto our machine. As my final project was a CNC mill, this software was of particular interest to me as there was a chance I might reuse part of it or all of it to automate my final project.