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    How to BBQ (reflow) WS2812B LEDs to a Matrix
    Just a little bit overcooked

    Universal Motherboard + Input Daughter Boards
    Designed a motherboard to connect different option of in/output. Tried using Attiny44 to drive Neopixels as Output.

    • the reflow

    • BBQ

    how to BBQ (reflow solder) 100 WS2812B LEDs all at once

    I tought flexible circuit base will help all of the 100 LED easier to reflow at once, for the solder bumps are not even for each one.

    circuit base

    Epoxy protection film and solder bumps.

    On the grill.

    If it's not overcooked, most of of it connected pretty decently. Solutions is that remember this is not grill cheese sandwich and it won't taste better when you start to smell of burning, and just don't get too greedy too reflow a hundred thing all at once when you don't have a 20k machine.

    • Universal In/OutPut

    • Motherboard

    Designing a motherboard for multiple input/Output

    lightening fast with Photoshop

    After several times redesigning board in Eagles. I found out the reasonalble basic processor ISP circuit layout usually stay exatly the same. So I just figured it probably can be very easy to redesign the board by photoshoping on the core layout. Left bottom corner core Layout abstract from Neil's design. And right is the handy photoshoping material at 1000dpi, which should be good enough for most of the cases.

    In this Design I just 4 Pairs of VCC/GROUND/DATA traces to the processers using 2 2x3 ISP headers, which should be good enough for most/Input and Output Daughter board cases. For the daughter board I had 3 different input sensor ciruit to switch between (magnectic field, visible light, step responses)

    milled and protected with epoxy film.


    a good thing about this seperated in/output design is that either of the component can be tested seperatedly using other microcontroller to locate the problem is anything goes wrong.

    End result with ir light sensor and WS2812B LED AS output. And one thing worth notice is that because of the limited ram of ATTINY 44, not a lot of LEDs can be animated. I will probably go with ATmega or use networking with ATTINY 84 for the final project.