computer-controlled machining

  • computer-controlled machining 🔧


    On my way back to Boston
    Sorry for being absent in the class. I am currently on the airplane back from Amsterdam. We won first place in VR game design competition there (with Jiabao Li)

    Shopbot test cut
    made a set of simple furniture, sadly time is limited because of CHIPLAY

    Curve surface milling using home brew machine (coming soon)

    final project updates

    • CNC testcut

    • with shopbot

    CNC test cut with shopbot

    The end mill broke because of hitting nail. Thanks god no one gets hurt.

    • home brew

    • CNC milling

    how good is a Xcarve
    coming soon

    • why I built

    • a giant cube

    adds up for final proposal (will be moved to the right place song)

    snap on connection for vcc ground data in/out