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    How much can you go wrong in Eagles?
    It's not just getting components right, the orientation and traces right, and also you have to watch out if you are using mac, ;(

    How to use windows paint and mods to design your board when you are desperate?

    How does my final project go?
    Why did I build a giant cube?

    • How much can you go wrong in Eagles?

    • within a week

    How much can you go wrong in Eagles?

    1.forgot some connection lables. 2. forgot to switch to no via setting 3.4. try to autoroute the circuit with this mess, doesn't work and didn't set the trace width. 5.next time when I see this kind of crossing, I should really rotate them. 6.still not good enough, but I decide to try to lie to the pcb mill on the tool path width...and lied too much.

    • paint

    • your circuits

    auto routing is not that auto,
    and don't go too far on lieing about the tool head width to fix it

    There id a bug on Mac ver. eagles' export png function, you will get 1000 dpi file when selecting 500dpi

    • why I built

    • a giant cube

    adds up for final proposal (will be moved to the right place song)

    snap on connection for vcc ground data in/out