MIT MAS.863 in 2010
How to Make "Almost" Anything
Prof. Neil Gershenfeld

Weekly Log

Hiro(ya) Tanaka


1: Final project proposal   Ph.D in Engineering (Tokyo University, 2003)
2: Vynil and Laser cutter   Visiting Scholar, MIT School of Architecture House_n
3: PCB Design, Fabrication and Assembly   Associate Professor, Keio SFC University, Japan (X-Design)
4: Waterjet Cuter & NC mills   FabLabJapan
5: Microcontroller programming  
6: 3D scanning and printing  
7: input devices  
8: molding and casting  
9: Output devices  
10: (Final Project Review)  
11: Composites, joining I  
12: Composites, joining II  
13: Networking & Communications  
14: Final Project presentation