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3D Scanning

I used the lovely expensive handheld 3D scanner in the arch lab because I figured I'll never have another chance to use it :) I used it to scan a gremlin:


My first attempt involved putting position points on the gremlin himself. When I scanned the position points, it viewed the gremlin as two objects, back and front, and then had siginficant trouble filling in the surface.


I made a second attempt trying to scan the gremlin on the board with position points on the background. That worked better, but obviously we only had the front of the gremlin to scan.


I tried scanning it with greater success when I was careful to overlap position points around the gremlin such that the scanner could see some of the back stickers from the side, and some of the side stickers from the front, etc. The scanner then viewed the gremlin as a single object and more or less filled out the surface.


I did try the milk scanner as well, but haven't yet gotten the stitching software to work...

3D Printing

I created a mini-catapult in Google Sketchup. Initially I had the idea that I would make it "work," though I am still not quite adept eenough at 3D design to do that, so I made the pieces (lever, wheels, etc) fixed.


I printed it on the ABS printer.