Week10 - Interface and Application Programming

I built a Marauders Map. Yup. It's real. It tracks real people, in real time, in a real place.

realTime MaraudersMap made in openFrameworks from NovySan on Vimeo.

As long as they don't find the UltraWide Band radio tags I've hidden in their underwear.
It's currently running in the 6th floor performance space of the Media Lab. It uses UltraWide Band transmitters and receiver base stations that triangulate position and tag identity through time of arrival and angle of arrival. Using multiple tags can provide orientation as well.

The application is written in C++ inside openFrameWorks taking advantage of the ofxTCPClient class to connect to the server and retrieve the TCP/IP stream of tag positions and speed, as well as other data I'm not using yet. The TCP/IP stream operates at 10Hz, while the UWB tags operate at up to 200Hz. We're talking to the company that make the UWB system to see if the stream rate can be sped up to match the tags. If a target moves too fast there can be a moment of indecision in the system. I'm also working on a running average "smoothing" algorithm to shake some of the noise out the the stream as well. A big shout out to the ofSplitString();function as well! C++ doesn't have a SIMPLE way to do string "splitting" or "explosion" the way PHP, Python, or other more current languages do, so I was glad to find this UNDOCUMENTED magical creature.

I'll be adding the fading footsteps and other effects later.

So, until next time then, Space Cadets! NovySan, OUT!