Valentin learns how to make:

--> a final idea ;-)
--> a Press-fit Construction Kit a rocked!
--> a USB - Microchipprogrammer
--> something big
--> a mold
--> a game based on a button and two leds
--> something that dose not fit in the printer, it got printed with
--> something for the refrigerator with sensors
--> The Earthquake-Pen!
--> Frequenz-Modulation for the Earthquake-Pen!
--> Update final project
--> something that feels the distance
--> The Earthquake-Pen DELUX 2000


The final project:
The idea for the final project is related to establish a material library in the media lab.
The library should givethe posibility to experiance with your hands different materials for your projects.
Each material is taged with a QR-tag that links to information about the material, such as where to
buy, how to use and experiances from people whom have used the material before.

For this purpose I want to make boxes in which the materials can be stored.
Those boxes will messure the weight changes every time and tries to estimate based on this
records, how many samples are in the boxes.


In the sketch there are 3 boxes for 3 different materials shown.
Weight sensors messure the weight and the counters show the material quantities.
A computer interfaces with websystem/qr.

Needed know how:
- Arduino interfacing with sensors.
- Shopbot machined wood boxes.