Valentin learns how to make:

--> a final idea ;-)
--> a Press-fit Construction Kit a rocked!
--> a USB - Microchipprogrammer
--> something big
--> a mold
--> a game based on a button and two leds
--> something that dose not fit in the printer, it got printed with
--> something for the refrigerator with sensors
--> The Earthquake-Pen!
--> Frequenz-Modulation for the Earthquake-Pen!
--> Update final project
--> something that feels the distance
--> The Earthquake-Pen DELUX 2000


Who of you do not know how old is the milk or orange-juice in your refrigerator?
Or... How long has the milk been outside of the fridge, because you forgot it to put back in?

This weeks project solves all of this problems!
It is an device you can place at your bottle and push a button, once you placed it in the fridge.

- The device will remind you how many days left until fresh things become not so fresh (usually 3 days).
- Saves energy with a light sensor, when the door is closed.
- Reminds you when you leaf the bottle outside of the fridge using a temperature sensor.

This is how it looks like:

From first sketch to final device:

These are the two parts with the electronic:

This is while programming:

And this is the work in progress with the original sketch:

Videos in action:

Some stage inbetween: