Valentin learns how to make:

--> a final idea ;-)
--> a Press-fit Construction Kit a rocked!
--> a USB - Microchipprogrammer
--> something big
--> a mold
--> a game based on a button and two leds
--> something that dose not fit in the printer, it got printed with
--> something for the refrigerator with sensors
--> The Earthquake-Pen!
--> Frequenz-Modulation for the Earthquake-Pen!
--> Update final project
--> something that feels the distance
--> The Earthquake-Pen DELUX 2000


The final project will be a full working super advanced Earthquake-Pen.

The following picture illustrates it construction:

How dose it work:
The control unit has a silicone button that contains a magnet.
With this button actions in 3 aches can be executed, like shown in the last homework.
This actions once pressed causes the pen to draw sinus wave modulations based on the finger position.

If the button is not pressed, a microphone records sound and the controller transforms them in to
waves which are drawn by the pen.

The Pen contains a coil and two magnets there suspended by silicone bumpers.
Trough the bumpers elasticity and the weight of attached magnets, vibration and hereby waves on paper can be performed by the pen.