Valentin learns how to make:

--> a final idea ;-)
--> a Press-fit Construction Kit a rocked!
--> a USB - Microchipprogrammer
--> something big
--> a mold
--> a game based on a button and two leds
--> something that dose not fit in the printer, it got printed with
--> something for the refrigerator with sensors
--> The Earthquake-Pen!
--> Frequenz-Modulation for the Earthquake-Pen!
--> Update final project
--> something that feels the distance
--> The Earthquake-Pen DELUX 2000


For this week my thoughts has been the following:
When you write with a pen or a marker there is a immense difference between your stile and elegance.
Your tool define the way you work, illustrated in the following picture:


The idea has been to create a modular Wacom Pen, that takes care on this fact.
I wanted to create a standard size that is like a pen and a module to wrap around that gives all
characteristics of a marker.
For this idea Wacom send me some samples:

I took them apart and scanned the most complex shape with the 3D-scanner

in oder to make a perfect casing.

I started to sketchthe hole idea with photocopies of the electronic, when I got the massage, that
I am only allowed for:

1x1x1 inch

I stoped with this idea and start something else then.

Since I used the dimension printer heavily in the last 3 years I wanted to know what I can do with the invision machine.
I scanned in the Tea-light object from the week before last week.

and created a complex object with 1x1x1 inch that looked like it can only be printed with the specifications of the invision printer (I finally used the original 3d-shape).

I sent my file to be printed with the invision printer but
the result got printed by the dimension.
With to much curiosity I picked it up to early :-)
And tried to get rid of the support material my self.
No success.