Week 10: Interface and Application Programming


The task this week was to make an inteface for the project from last week. Making an interface application for the magnetic field servo display did not seem like a very interesting project, so I decided to make a completely different project for this week. I made a 3D posittion vector detector using 4 hall effect sensors. The idea was to be able to calculate the position of a magnet in free-space based on the readings by each hall effect sensor, and an algorithms that calculates position from that data.

Designing New PCBs

I designed 2 new boards during this week. First I made yet another improvement to my universal ATTiny44 board, where now I reaggranged the positon of the pins on the right side of the board, such that a 2x3 header can easily be connected to the board.

Board, Schematic

The second board I designed was that on which the 4 sensors were mounted.

Connecting the circuit


I reused the python code that was provided on the class website for the purposes of reading data from the sensors. I was not able to achieve the desired results of accurately computing the position of the magnet I held over the board. One possible reason for this is the nonlinearity of the magnetic field around the magnet.