How Ali Makes (almost) Anything

Here I will be documenting my weekly creative projects during the Fall 2015 semester of MIT's lengendary course "How to Make (almost) Anything". I will also be documenting some personal fab projects that I plan to do outside of class, if I find time. Occasionally, I will write tutorials and post links to helpful information on the Tutorials page.

Week0: Final Project Proposal

Final project proposal & CAD model of the project.

Week1: Computer-Controlled Cutting

Making of a press-fit construction kit - modeling, laser-cutting, and assembly.

Week2: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Production

FabISB in-circuit Programmer - making the PCB and soldering the components

Week3.1: 3D Printing

Designing and 3D printing an object impossible to create subtractively.

Week4: Make Something Big

Modular Furniture Concept