How to make (almost) anything

  alex schaub's mas863 log | cv | Fall 2008

  Fabacademy: Fablab Amsterdam Holland

1.Proposal | assignment:
describe your final project

2.Vinyl cutter/laser cutter | assignment:
make a press-fit construction kit

3. Cad/Cam | assignment:
model your final project

4. PCB fabrication | assignment:
fabricate a serial hello-world board

5. Microcontroller Programming | assignment:
develop an interactive microcontroller application

6. PCB Design | assignment:
design, produce, and program a PCB with a mc.

7. 3d scanning & printing | assignment:
scan, modify, and print an object

8. Input Devices | assignment:
measure and display something

9. Waterjet cutter, NC mill, Router | assignment:
make something big, revise project page

10. MODELING | assignment:
animate &/or simulate &/or optimize your final project

11. Output Devices | assignment:
connect an input device to an output device

12. Molding | assignment:
make a mold and cast parts in it

13. networking and com. | assignment:
build a network - update your final project page

14. Final project preparation | assignment:
goal / design / components / processes / schedule

15. final project presentations: