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Interface Programming

I initially planned to use the LED array to "print" letters input ie program the microcontroller to take an ascii input, and have a specific pattern of lighting upon receiving any particular input. Unfortunately, I realized after leaving town that I had no way to talk to the LED array, as we've been doing that with the FTDI cable, which I did not include on the LED array board.

What I did have, in the end, was the temperature sensors I made for input week.


I modified the original code to measure the temperature, and if the temperature rises above a certain level, the python code pulls the Accuweather web site. It parses the site and then extracts and displays the cardiac safety information associated with that day's weather.

As of Sunday, this was working, but Python was crashing frequently and issuing a warning that the installed version of Tk might be unstable, and I needed to install Active Tcl 8.5 to use with it. I did so, and the program completely stopped working, without so much as an error message. I have most of it back again, but still needs some additional polish to get it back to where it was (note that the heart health is 10/10, because I artificially heated the sensor - in actuality, it's a great day for outdoor exercise).