Making Almost Anything <-> MAS.863 <-> Fall 2011

Kristopher Dos Santos <-> Personal Robots Group

Week 1 <-> The Final Project (or what it's supposed to be)

Week 2 <-> The Cardboard Lantern (or from dino bones to LEDs and copper tape)

Week 3 <-> The FabISP (or programming a programmer with a programmer)

Week 4&5 <-> The Monowheel (or how the heck do you ride that thing!?)

Week 6 <-> The Mini Pumpkin (or downsizing from last week)

Week 7 <-> The Tri-Blinker (or the board that blinks thrice)

Week 8 <-> The Mini DragonBot (or as I like to call her, Nova)

Week 9 <-> The Proximity Sensor (or Nova likes her personal space)

Week 10 <-> The PWM-Driving Proximity Sensor (or Nova REALLY likes her personal space)

Week 11 <-> The Pot-Driven Simulator (or kinematic serial FUN)

Week 12 <-> The MTM Snap Machine (or... nope, nothing witty for this one)

Final Project <-> The Dragonbot Sympathetic Interface (or its name is Ryuu)