Manar-ul Islam Swaby

How To Make {ALMOST} Anything, 2016

Ed.M. at HGSE for TIE

  1. Week CERO. Computer Aided Design

  2. Week ONE. Computer Controlled Cutting

  3. Week TWO. Electronics Production

  4. Week THREE. 3D Scanning and Printing

  5. Week FOUR. Electronics Design

  6. Week FIVE. Computer Controlled Machining

  7. Week SIX. Electronic Programming

  8. Week SEVEN. Molding | Casting

  9. Week EIGHT. Input Devices

  10. Week NINE. Composites

  11. Week TEN. Output Devices

  12. Weeks ELEVEN | TWELVE. Output Devices

  13. Week THIRTEEN. Machine Design

  14. Final Project