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Week 9: Output Devices

Designing the Electronics for a Quadcopter

I wanted to add a motor as the output device to my board to make some progress on my final project this week. I initially wanted to start from the board that I had made for Week 7 with the button and the LED, but while looking at the data sheets for the DC motor and driver, I realized that my old board would not have enough room for the required motor and motor driver. So, I would need to design and fabricate a new board. I thought that in order to streamline the board fabrication process and decrease the number of new boards I would have to design for each successive step of my project, I would try to spec out and design the entirety of my electrical components first. This would involve:

I tried to figure out the exact pins that need to be connected and other specific values and components by reading online tutorials and component data sheets. From this preliminary research, I gained three important pieces of knowledge:

I then went to Office Hours to figure out the specifics of how some of these modules should be implemented. Shirin was super helpful in explaning some of theory behind the signal processing required for my project and gave me lots of helpful advice:

Here is the main page of notes that I took for designing my electronics:

Note: I was unable to make the NRF52/BC832 work in the end, but I ended up successfully using servo motors in my final project.