Margaret Tries to Make (almost) Anything | 2020

Margaret Sullivan | Undergraduate
Mechanical Engineering | MIT








Week 04 - Make Something Big



Make Something Big! Stool

This Weeks Assignment was to make something big! I unfortunatly live in a small single on campus so big is relative. I decided to make a stool! I wanted an additional sitting place in my room, but not to take up much space. I sketched out my ideas and then went right to fusion 360 to CAD. This was my first time making something of this size so I next tested it with a scaled down version of carboard. Finally I took to the ShopBot and with some help (Thanks Tom!) I was succesful!


Initial iterations

Fusion 360 CAD model

Initial iterations

My Minature Stool (Also a good laptop holder for zoom meetings)

Initial iterations

The Final Product

Initial iterations

The final Product