Margaret Tries to Make (almost) Anything | 2020

Margaret Sullivan | Undergraduate
Mechanical Engineering | MIT








Week 11 - Networking and Communication


make wired or wireless nodes used wired nodes to flash LEDs

For this week I tried to create the networking project based on the asynchronous serial bus posted on the website.

I wanted it to be as simple as possible, as it is the first time I have tried communication between boards. So I went with the ATtiny 412 with just and LED. I am starting off with two boards.

I had a bit of trouble talikng to my board, but this cammand "Margarets-MacBook-Pro-3:updi margaretsullivan$ python3 -d tiny1614 -c /dev/cu.usbserial-AR0K58OK -b 57600 -f /Users/margaretsullivan/Arduino/build/led_blink_test_nov_17.ino.hex" finally worked.

Initial iterations

Designed on Kicad

I learned from Cody's page and the issue tracker that I am going to want to have an input and output wire. Probably not the best way but I just added an extra pad and connected via solder during stuffing.

Initial iterations

Initial iterations

I have written code on the arduino IDE to connect them, but currently am having trouble with the programming of the boards. There are two or three things I need to try (including making sure all connections are fine). Unforunately did not get to debigging this week, but all of thursday I will be!

I picked this week up again this week and ran into a myriad of issues. I have always put the tx rx and resistor on the board but I did not on these boards. I unfortunaly broke the one i used previously and then Clank decided to act up. I ended up being a little creative and used an old irrelevant trace and made it into the thing I needed.

Initial iterations

Once I got the abillity to program it took me a while to get the right connections between the nodes especially tx and rx. As I was doing this I noticed my blue USB programmer was getting very hot. I was not able to identify the cause of that but my Mac kept rejecting it even if it was not connected to anything.

Initial iterations

I finally got it working! Of course I forgot what number ID I sent it so I just kept changing them not to repeat them I ended with 2 and 5 I think. The video is horrible it was the first time it worked so it is muted because in my excitment i may or may not have cursed! After one or two succesful attempts my mac has stopped accepting my usb and I am working on why. Until I get that resolved please enjoy this censored low quality video.

Initial iterations