Margaret Tries to Make (almost) Anything | 2020

Margaret Sullivan | Undergraduate
Mechanical Engineering | MIT








Week 10 - Output Devices


program output device Pulsing DC Motor

For this week and for my final project I decided to make a DC motor driver. For the final project this will server as part of the peristalic pumnp. I made this week part of my final project board, the schemictic, trace, and results are shown below.

Because my motor does not need to be able to switch directions, I used a N Channel Mosfet instead of an H-Bridge. THe crucial step for this was making sure the layout of the Mosfet matched with my schematic. N-Channel Mosfets are inconsistant but looking at the data sheet I was able to fix my footprint to make sure the source went to source, drain to drain, and gate to gate.

I had a bit of trouble talikng to my board, but this cammand "Margarets-MacBook-Pro-3:updi margaretsullivan$ python3 -d tiny1614 -c /dev/cu.usbserial-AR0K58OK -b 57600 -f /Users/margaretsullivan/Arduino/build/led_blink_test_nov_17.ino.hex" finally worked.

Initial iterations

Initial iterations

Initial iterations